I hold a PhD in philosophy from Boston University (2020) and a master’s in philosophy from the University of British Columbia (2014). For the past two years, I served as Lecturer in the philosophy department at the University of Colorado, Boulder and starting this fall will serve as Assistant Lecturer in Humanities and Social Sciences at Coker University in Hartsville, South Carolina. 

My research is in social and political philosophy and critical philosophy of race, particularly issues relating to political responsibility, group-based injustice, and the moral significance of the past. My dissertation – completed under the supervision of Ann E. Cudd, David Lyons and Juliet Floyd – articulates a new argumentative approach to the political problem of black reparations in the United States that finds new work for the normative principle of fair play. 

I’m also interested in feminist philosophy, the philosophy of science (particularly the evolutionary and human sciences) and in pragmatism and the American philosophical tradition more broadly. You can reach me at jfrigault at coker dot edu.